Mountain High School Registration and Parent Meeting Information for New Students

Registration Process

  • Each student must have a referral from their home high school counselor or Student Services (801-402-5159).

  • Referrals will be reviewed by the District Placement Team monthly.

  • Once accepted at Mountain High, you will need to fill out the following forms and bring them to the office. You can also come to the office to get the necessary forms.

  • Bring completed documents to the office and speak with the counselor.

  • Pay the required school fees. Click here to access the District High School Fee Schedule.  Click here for the School Fees Notice.

    • Make sure you bring a payment method - Cash, Check, or Credit Card (3.5% fee applies to credit cards). If you are going to apply for a Fee Waiver, see below.

  • Make sure student is withdrawn from home high school.

  • Parent/guardian must attend a Parent Meeting (see below).

  • Student attends ALL of Quick Start - no absences allowed.

  • Student receives schedule and starts at Mountain High.

Parent Meeting Information

Every legal guardian/parent of accepted students must attend a MANDATORY parent meeting (dates below) in order for any student to begin school at Mountain High. 

Parents of referred students will be notified by the MHS Placement Committee when/if their student is accepted.

2024-25 Parent Meetings

Please attend one of the following sessions:


Quick Start Term


Tuesday, August 6

QS Mini Term 1

12, 3 or 6 pm

Wednesday, August 7

QS Mini Term 1

12, 3 or 6 pm

Thursday, August 8

QS Mini Term 1

12, 3, or 6 pm

Wednesday, October 9

QS Mini Term 3

6 pm

Wednesday, December 11

QS Mini Term 5

6 pm

Wednesday, February 26

QS Mini Term 7

6 pm

If you have any questions, please call the Main Office (801-402-0450).

Fee Waivers and Free/Reduced Lunch

If you are going to apply for a Fee Waiver  (This is separate from the Free/Reduced Lunch application):

  1. Complete this form:  Fee Waiver ENGLISH Application  or:  Fee Waiver SPANISH Application

  2. Print the form and sign it.

  3. Bring all the necessary documentation with you to the cashier.  (Proof of income - your most recent Federal tax form or two check stubs of household income OR SSI proof OR TANF proof OR proof of foster care or state custody.) 

Free/Reduced Lunch

If you are going to apply for Free/Reduced Lunch:

  1. Sign-in to your "myDSD" account

  2. Click > TOOLS



You will receive an e-mail from Nutrition Services when your application has been processed with its results.  Please do not contact the school for your results.