MHS Job Training

MHS Job Training/Work Credit Program

Work hours count for CTE or Elective credits. You will need to do the following:
• Turn in an MHS Job Training Application to the Career Center.
• Turn in documentation of hours worked. 

Work Credit
• Must be earned from June 1 - MT 8 of the current school year.
• .25 credit for each block of 45 hours worked.
• Can earn up to 4 credits.

• Paycheck copies that show the following:
        •Name - Dates Worked - Hours Worked - Hourly Pay - Taxes were taken out

• If you do not receive this kind of paycheck, we have a Canvas course you can do to earn the credit for working. Come to the Career Center for more information. 

Submitting Documentation
• Email a copy to Kari Swenson at
• Bring a hard copy to the Career Center, and we can scan it into the computer. 

For any questions, please come to the Career Center!
Kari Swenson,
Lindsay Porter,