MHS Job Training

MHS Job Training Credit Program

• MHS Job Training credit can be awarded to Juniors and Seniors ONLY. The maximum credit that you can earn in this program is 4 credits. Credit is earned in .25 increments.                                             

• The student must be currently employed or employed since June of the current school year. 

• A Canvas module must be completed for each .25 credit earned, along with proof of 32 hours worked.

• Credit must be earned before the end of Mini Term 7 of your senior year.


• Students are to complete an APPLICATION and return it to the Career Center. A TRAINING AGREEMENT will be prepared from this application.

• You should pick up the prepared TRAINING AGREEMENT in the Career Center.  The training agreement requires a signature from the student, a parent or legal guardian, and the cooperating employer.  The agreement will be ready within 2 days of receiving the completed application. You must turn this in before credit will be awarded.

• You will be added to the MHS Job Training Canvas course once you turn in your application. You will need to complete a module and submit your hours to earn credit.

If you have QUESTIONS about the MHS Job Training program, contact Lindsay Porter, who is in the Career Center, or email her at